Welcome to Walter Hanel

Revered art lovers and collectors,
Walter Hanel has long been a concept for all art critics as a satirical draftsman and chronicler of world history. He has achieved a global degree of recognition through his genius, and is often copied by well-known European newspapers.
This great artist has now opened the door for her in her Bensheimer Atelier, and offers you the unique opportunity to purchase a "real Hanel" directly from the artist.

In our gallery, we have compiled a selection of themes from a large collection of his long-term creative period. Take your time and choose in peace. Perhaps the famous "Hanelian line" is your interest. Make it your very personal art object. We will provide you with an offer and are available to you with further questions.

We, the friends of Walter Hanel

  • Und er hat sie alle unter die Feder genommen: Erhard und Adenauer, Schmidt und Brandt, Kohl und Genscher, Schröder und Merkel und...

    Gisela Burkamp
  • Ein guter Karikaturist sei dazu da, den Politiker von seinem hohen Podest auf den Boden zurück zu holen und in einen Menschen zu verwandeln.

    Walter Hanel
  • „Wenn wir bei seinen Arbeiten länger hinschauen, dann wissen wir, was wir von uns zu halten haben.“

    Kabarettist Hüsch