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Dear Hanel friends,

Walter Hanel is already known worldwide, but he is too modest to point to his work. That is why we created this portal for you. We will show you Walter Hanel's works from the different museums, and we would like to present his private existing paintings - his originals and lithographs - at fair prices.

Christiane & Hans-Dieter Hein designed this appealing portal for our "Event"; we would like to thank all of them for their successful work, which is appropriate for a Walter Hanel.

                                                       Reasons for owning a Hanel original

In the last century there were some very important artists in Germany such as Horst Jansen, Josef Hegenbarth, Tomi Ungerer, Paul Flora, etc., and many art collectors were able to acquire high-quality and interesting drawings.The early collectors can now appreciate themselves happily and enjoy their valuable drawings, apart from the significant gains in value.Since several years the political caricature has made space for comics. So, the number of outstanding draughtsmen is diminishing. Digitalisation leads to mass production.

That is why the unique Hanel originals and lithos have become particularly valuable. Hanel is one of the last famous of drawing art. Most of his paintings are held by museums, e.g. Wilhelm Busch Museum Hannover, - ca. 500 drawings -, House of History in Bonn - approx. 6.000 drawings -. They are always preserved from posterity.

I was asked for the rest of the artist,s work - about 1500 drawings – to bring those into preserving hands. I am looking for collectors who appreciate these rarities.

Anyone who has ever looked at a Hanel original would like to have it. The hidden humor inspires.

References to formats and prices

The drawings mostly have 30 X 30 or 75 X 85 formats.

This information will help you to find the frame and the passepartout at your own taste.

Lithos starting   €      75,00  on up

Lithos signed    €    150,00 on up
daily drawings  €    250,00 on up
free paintings   € 1.000,00 on up

Albrecht von Hagen                                     March 2017